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“If it’s not 100% pure maple syrup, it can’t be called ‘Jakemans Maple Syrup“. – Nacy Greene


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Great Northern 100% Pure Organic Maple Syrup

Launched in Ireland 2008 Jakemans Maple Syrup is one of our most valued brands. This one sku has been a huge success for us and our relationship with the Jakemans family is second to none. At the start it was tough as a lot of our customers at the time we launch felt the Irish market wouldn’t buy into Maple Syrup as we’re a nation of Honey Lovers when it comes to added sweetness. But with a great launch and a strong promotion for Pancake Tuesday Jakemans has become a staple products in Irish homes. This Brand has a loyal customer following that keep coming back for more. We see our biggest sales for this line in the month leading up to Pancake Tuesday were we can sell up to 1500 cases or 18,000 units. With great relationships with our customer and their trust in our brands, they are always willing to support our promotions with large displays.

Maple syrup. We’ve all heard of it – maybe from the movies,  where they always have these great breakfasts, eating a mountain of pancakes with this magical brown syrup on top, right?

Well, so did the people from Jakemans, and after some research, they decided to make their own brand of maple syrup, so that they call sell this liquid, instant mood changer as well. Now their product is a best-seller because everybody enjoys and appreciates a quality product.