Hello, we're Frontier Foods

We're here to make it easy for people to discover some of the most amazing foods from around the world, which are not only good for you, they taste amazing too! 

Our journey started in 2007, after having been laid off in the middle of the worst recession the world has seen, we decided to champion the cause of worldly foods in Ireland. We invested our redundancy packages into bringing a couple of great tasting and healthy products to Ireland. Our first week sales told its own story, we knew then that we made the right choice.

Since then we’ve been busy adding to the collection of products and ingredients from all the corners of the world, bringing healthy, well-being and great tasting foods to our loyal customers. And with their help, we are on a mission of building a high quality food brand that you can trust to source the best produce from our global garden.

We believe in only sourcing natural ingredients and organic foods from around the world, from ethically sources we can trust. Our quest is not over, we believe there is an abundance of worldly foods still to discover. Our aim is to deliver them to your table for your pleasure and delight. 

Frontier Foods… Your World Food Champions!


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